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Spanish for Professionals in Quito & Otavalo

Work or Travel? It’s that age-old question! At Ailola Quito we want to help you achieve both dreams, with a personalized Spanish for Professionals course in Ecuador that focuses on elements of Spanish relevant to your career. To top it, you’ll have the chance to vacation in Ecuador at the same time.

We want you!

As the second most spoken language in both Europe and the USA, Spanish is your chance to jump ahead of the rest in your field. Our Spanish for Professionals courses in Ecuador are corporate programs targeted at international professionals and executives who want to take their Spanish level further, and their job prospects higher! The staff at our Spanish schools in Ecuador will work with you to design a customized course focusing on Tourism, Law, Journalism or the Environment.

Example program

To give you an idea of what we have in mind for you, take a look at our example program. It includes:

  • 20 hours a week of intensive private Spanish lessons that focus on Spanish for your field
  • Complimentary (not part of the price) optional airport transfer to accommodation upon arrival in Quito.
  • Free excursions to industry locations in Quito related to your chosen field
  • Weekly cultural activities
  • Optional weekend trips to destinations like the Amazon, Papallacta Natural Hot Springs, and more
  • 24-hour emergency hotline
  • Ailola Quito Welcome Pack including maps, dining and activities guide, etc.
  • Ailola Lingua Certificate upon completion of your course

More questions about your Spanish for Professionals course in Quito, Otavalo and beyond? Get in touch today!