Volunteering areas in Ecuador - © Mariusz Prusaczyk

Volunteering Areas

A volunteering project in Ecuador could mean 100+ things. Come to think of it, that’s how many volunteering projects we offer in Ecuador! Yep! We’ve got 100+ projects in the fields of society, education, rural and indigenous needs, environment, and wild animals. Find out more about our amazing projects below!

Social volunteering projects in Ecuador

Social Volunteering in Quito

Some of our available activities are for example:

  • Take care of poor children as they deal with the consequences of exposure to alcoholism, violence and prostitution, and family problems.
  • Work at a half-way home for poor people who come to urban centers from all over Ecuador, in search of brighter horizons.
  • Help former child street workers as they attempt to build a better life for themselves, off the streets and towards a better future.
  • Interact with orphaned and abandoned children at kid’s homes in Quito and other locations across Ecuador.

Educational volunteering projects in Ecuador

Volunteering School Quito

Some of our available activities are for example:

  • In primary schools, work as an English assistant, or get your hands dirty in drawing and craft projects with the children.
  • Go back to secondary school, but this time as an English assistant, or in mathematics, marketing, creative design, tech-drawing, psychology, scientific research, art or IT.
  • At tech colleges or Universities in Ecuador, help students in your same study field (note: a minimum 6-months is required for these projects).

Rural and indigenous volunteering projects in Ecuador

Volunteering Ecuador

Some of our available activities are for example:

  • Work on organic farms or at small-scale factories that produce milk, cheese, jam, yogurt and so on.
  • Contribute to the development of eco-tourism projects in which revenues are diverted back into the local community for economic, educational and social development purposes.



Environmental volunteering projects in Ecuador

Environemental volunteering Ecuador

Some of our available activities are for example:

  • Participate in avant-garde environmental protection projects in several areas of Ecuador, including on the Galapagos Islands, in the Amazon rainforest, on the Ecuadorian coast, and in the Andes.
  • Fight against deforestation and the introduction of foreign flora with environmental activists.
  • Contribute to the expansion of botanical gardens.
  • Participate in scientific research that leans on the medicinal benefits of the forever-expanding discoveries of flora in Ecuador.

Wild animal rescue center projects in Ecuador

Wild animal rescuing Volunteering

Some of our available activities are for example:

  • Welcome and care for stray animals, including former pets and smuggled rare animals.
  • Help care for injured animals, including protected native species.
  • Feed sick animals in the care of animal rescue centers.
  • Develop rescue center activities, and learn to prepare food and medicine.


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