Excellent 2 weeks in Ailola Quito

Program: Spanish Group Course · Location: Quito

Review from Lucia Reviewed on by from Schrobenhausen Germany

I spent 2 weeks in Quito to repeat the Spanish knowledge I had from school and after those 2 weeks I spoke with much more confidence than ever before. For people already knowing the basic stuff it is a really good option to start into a longer trip. I also met a lot of people in the school who had not spoken a word of Spanish before and it is really stunning what tjey knew after as well 2 weeks!

The Spanish school is also the perfect place to get to know people. First of all during the break where ypu sit together with all students for coffe/tea and bread. And in addition, when you stay in a host family or the student residence you do not only get in contact with your hosts (which are all just amazing people, I was really part of the family I was staying in and knew I could always rely on them!) but also with the other students because most of the families know each other and are also interested in the fact that you do not have to sit at home by your own.

Summed up I had an amazing time in Quito with amazing people and a lot of activity, I really can recommend it to anyone who is interested in actually LIVING in Quito :)

Thanks to all the people working in or together with Ailola to make this possible

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Many thanks for your review!

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