Why study Spanish? - © Pablo Hidalgo

Why learn Spanish in South America?

From the final days of the mighty Incas right through to modern times, South America has lured foreigners from all corners of the world. And at Ailola Quito we think you should be one of them. So come on! Learn Spanish in South America today!

  • Check your facts! With almost 400 million inhabitants in 13 countries, what makes South America unique is that visitors can get by in most places by speaking one of two languages, Spanish or Portuguese. So, by choosing to learn Spanish in South America you’ll have access to new friendships, new experiences and a whole lot of new ways to have fun, all across our great continent! Could it get any easier?
  • Time to travel. Let’s say you’re here already! In case you forget why you choose to study Spanish in South America, we suggest you close your eyes and rub the fabric on your passport. Any images coming to mind? Perhaps you see Peru’s Inca Trail or the Atacama Desert in Chile? Maybe it’s Iguazú Falls in northern Argentina or the historic center of Quito? We could go on, or you could just pack your bags and get travelling straight away!
  • Bounce into the boardroom. South America is an emerging market like no other. How so? Unlike Asia or Africa, only two major languages are widespread in South America, and they happen to be very similar to each other. That’s why if you’re a Spanish speaker you’re at a huge advantage in the local business environment here, with access to a dozen markets and thousands of business partners to speak to. Get a head start by choosing to study Spanish in South America today
  • Bookworms rejoice! If you’ve heard of magical realism you’ll certainly know of titles like One Hundred Years of Solitude or The House of the Spirits. That’s why you might be pleased to know that a whole new and exciting world of South American literature is waiting for you here. In fact, teachers all across the continent regularly use local literature as their preferred teaching material. We invite you to be apart of it, so choose to study Spanish in South America today!