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Learn Spanish in Quito

Shoe cleaner in QuitoThere aren't many that start with Q – quaint, quiet, quirky! Could Quito be an adjective all of itself? We think so. This captivating capital city boasts history, romance and the cultural energy of an entire continent, not to mention our language school! Find out how you learn Spanish in Quito with us today!

First class facilities

Whether you spend a few hours at Ailola Quito in the morning, or a couple of hours with us in the afternoon, we're certain you'll want to study Spanish in Quito in a comfortable setting. This is what we promise:

  • You'll study Spanish in spacious classrooms within a pristine colonial home in the Old Town of Quito
  • Access to shared computers, printers and a telephone
  • WiFi internet access for those with their own devices
  • A kitchen and refrigerator, which we also use for free cooking classes each Wednesday
  • A video room for you to watch our collection of multimedia resources in Spanish
  • A common room and patio for breaks and fresh air
  • A large Spanish language library

Spanish school location

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Behind historic plazas, near famous churches and between beautiful cobblestone alleyways, you'll learn Spanish in Quito at one of the best locations in Ecuador, if not the world. To reach us, consider the following options:

  • Walk 20-30 minutes from your accommodation. All of the host families and accommodation options we work with are found within walking distance of our school.
  • Ride the trolley bus! Take the trolley bus nearest to your accommodation to Plaza de Teatro and walk 5-10 minutes.
  • Call us! On your first day we'll collect you from your accommodation and walk you to our school. If you're lost, just give us a call!

School fact sheet

  • Founded in: 1988, one of the first Spanish schools of its type
  • Distance to city center: You'll learn Spanish in Quito in the city center!
  • Free internet access/WiFi: Yes!
  • Number of computers: 2
  • Facilities for handicapped: We deliver private classes at homestay locations, due to accessibility issues in the historic center
  • Number of classrooms: 14
  • Maximum class size: 6 students
  • Low season: December and May
  • Volunteering opportunities: Yes!
  • Conversation sessions: Yes, and they're free!


Top-5 things to see and do

  • Discover the Historic Center – In 1978 Quito was named the first ever world heritage-listed site on earth. The city's Centro Histórico was what caught the eye of UNESCO. And it’s no wonder! With its wide-open plazas and bountiful historic buildings – not to mention museum options and cultural activities to die for – you're bound to be drawn in as well!
  • Rent a bike – Since 2004, Quito boasts Ecuador's best and most extensive system of bicycle paths. With almost 40 miles of ciclovías – as they are known in Spanish – you can cycle to Quito South, the Historic Center and Avenida Amazonas, plus much more. Best of all, every second Sunday these areas are closed off for bike users.
  • Ride the telefériQo – Quito's swank new sky tram will take you 1.5 miles into the sky past Pinchincha Volcano to Cruz Loma, where you'll overlook Quito, the Luz de America (Light of America), in all it's glory. But beware! Given the capital's breathtaking altitude of almost 10,000 feet, the telefériQo experience is best saved for later, as you'll likely need a few days to adjust to the altitude.
  • Eat like a local – We won't insist on making you try cuy (grilled guinea pig), but tasting other mouth-watering local dishes is a must! Ecuador is renowned for its quality seafood and bountiful traditional dishes, which incorporate many of the native fruits and vegetables that were found here during colonization. So to start with, try llapingauchos for potatoes, pan de yuca for cassava, and choclo con queso for corn!
  • Dance in La Mariscal – Aside from coming to us Monday to Friday to study Spanish, you'll likely want to go out and have fun, Ecuadorian-style! Quito's premier party area is La Mariscal, located between the avenues Patria and Colon. It's an ideal place to dance, drink, eat and, during the day, surf the Internet with a nice cup of Ecuadorian coffee by your side!