Learn Spanish on a Hacienda - © Michael Woodruff

Learn Spanish on a Hacienda

Hacienda Spanish Course Jump back in time and into nature with a Spanish course on a traditional Ecuadorian hacienda! It’s your chance to learn Spanish, take in the beautiful landscapes of our country, and work on an active organic farm all at the same time. Find out how you can learn Spanish on a hacienda with us today!

First class facilities

If a pristine natural setting weren’t enough, at Ailola Quito we guarantee you top-notch study facilities to help you learn Spanish on the hacienda. These include:

  • Spanish classes at your accommodation – you sleep where you study!
  • A spacious, equipped study area, suited for groups and individuals
  • 3 meeting rooms and a theater
  • Sports facilities for soccer, basketball, ping pong, and board games
  • An amazing rural location in Ecuador’s Sierra region, between Quito and Otavalo
  • Organic farm highlights like a greenery with exotic and native plants, a vegetable garden, crop fields, and cows!
  • Accommodation, including a private bedroom, bathroom, shower, meals and space to cook for yourself if you want to
  • No need to take materials with you, just bring a pocketsize dictionary, and our teacher will take everything else you need to study Spanish on the hacienda


Ailola Quito has everything covered to get you to your Spanish classes on the hacienda. In fact, we’ll pick you up in Quito and deliver you right to the front door of your hacienda accommodation. How?

  • Get there: From Quito, we’ll take a private taxi to Cayambe before veering off towards Tabacundo. In a little over 1 hour, we’d have made it to the traditional Ecuadorian hacienda!
  • Get back: Whether you’re moving on to Otavalo to study Spanish, or returning to Quito, the same rule applies! We’ll come and get you.

School fact sheet

Hacienda Spanish Course
  • Founded in: 2002
  • Distance to Quito: 1 hour
  • Free internet access/WiFi: Yes!
  • Telephone signal: Yes!
  • Maximum class size: 6 students
  • Low season: December and May
  • Volunteering opportunities: Yes, with organizations in the vicinity of Quito and Otavalo
  • Conversation sessions: Yes, and they're free!

Top-5 things to see and do

  • Farm in the morning, study Spanish in the afternoon. Your learning experience at the hacienda goes beyond verb conjugations and good pronunciation in Spanish. Here you’ll also learn about the development of organic fertilizer, crop sowing and plantation, plus harvest maintenance.
  • Milk the cows. While no one will force you – especially not the cows – students who choose to study Spanish on the hacienda will have the opportunity to milk the cows on the property. You can even try practicing your Spanish with them!
  • Taste local flavors. It’s not a real hacienda if it doesn’t produce food to eat! Fortunately for you, this hacienda is real, and produces a wide variety of food, which you of course will get to try during your stay.
  • Practice Spanish with farmers. Unlike other language courses, this opportunity to learn Spanish on a hacienda provides you real and instant experiences with the Spanish language. You’ll get to practice what you’re learning with the friendly faces around you – the hacienda’s farming team!
  • Experience the world around you. The hacienda is just one hour from Quito and another hour from Otavalo. However, not far from the haciendo you’ll also find a world of travel opportunities, including pristine natural sites, quiant villages and loads of friendly locals to practice your Spanish with!