Help to protect the Ecuadorian biodiversity

Help to protect the Ecuadorian biodiversity

ID: 12 · Type: DevelopmentEducationEnvironment · Location: Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

The Foundation is an Ecuadorian non-profit NGO founded in 1989 and dedicated to the conservation of tropical, aquatic and high land ecosystems. The Foundation manages seven biological stations and reserves around Ecuador.


The volunteer program works with five biological stations managed by the Foundation located in all the four major regions of Ecuador: Amazon Reserve/Tropical Rainforest; Coastal Reserves/Tropical Rainforest; Andean Reserves/Upper Montane Forest and Paramo; Galapagos Reserve.

In all regions voluntary work is highly appreciated. The activities that the volunteer program offers range from reforestation, plant conservation and agroforestry to environmental education, community service and field data collection. Besides this, the volunteers can participate in the production, promotion and ejection of research programs focused on biodiversity, education and community development. Since each station is located in a separate region within Ecuador, each comes with its own set of characteristics and with own working tasks.


Potential volunteers should be interested in topics about conservation, biodiversity, ecology and nature. Basic Spanish knowledge is advantageous.

Work Schedule:
8 hours per day (22 days per month)

Minimum Stay:
2 Weeks

Min. Local Language Level:
Intermediate (B1)

Minimum Age:
18 Years

Volunteer Accommodation:
Cabins shared with other volunteers and researchers

Volunteer Meals:
3 meals a day

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