Integrative work with children, adolescents and seniors

Integrative work with children, adolescents and seniors

ID: 20 · Type: ChildrenDevelopmentEducationElderlyHealth · Location: Quito Ecuador

Quito should be supportive and integrative with people and human groups in situation of vulnerability and high risk. All citizens should be subjected to the same rights and live under equal opportunities. According to the Patronato San José, all citizens are not only actors of their own life, but also of the present and future of the city. This is why the Patronato San José, founded in 2007, has set itself the task of bringing supporting to those, who need it the most.


The Patronato San José works in different areas of responsibility. But all tasks require patient persons who are willing to handle difficult situations. In Casa de la Niñez volunteers work with street and orphan children, and those who have drug problems. The second institution Adole-Isis gives company to adolescents who became single mothers. In Hogar de vida, a supported shelter, the volunteers help senior citizens in poverty situations. In this center elderly people receive housing, food, medical and psychological or psychiatrical attention. Last but not least the Patronato San José helps all kinds of indigent people who ask for food, clothes or shelter no matter age or gender.


A basic knowledge of Spanish is advantageous but not required. We recommend combining the project with a language course in Quito.

Work Schedule:
8am – 3pm

Minimum Stay:
4 Weeks

Min. Local Language Level:
Elementary (A2)

Minimum Age:
18 Years

Volunteer Accommodation:
Host family/Hostel/Hotel (not included)

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